Basic Safety and Security Policy for New Coronavirus Infections (Hotel Keihan)


Basic Safety and Security Policy for New Coronavirus Infections (Hotel Keihan)

Basic Safety and Security Policy for New Coronavirus Infections (Hotel Keihan)
Hotel Keihan is currently working on measures to prevent the recent coronavirus infection and to establish a new standard of service in line with new lifestyles in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


【Our Effort】
1. Installation of disinfection solution
We have installed disinfectant solutions throughout the hotel to provide a comfortable environment for our guests.

2. Enhancing periodic disinfection
We are encouraging disinfection in public areas, guest rooms, restaurants, banquet rooms, and common areas where guests are likely to touch.
(check-in machines and stylus, elevator buttons, and doorknobs, switches, chairs, tables, remote controls, electric kettle, phones, hairdryers, etc.)

3. Enhanced droplet infection prevention
The front desk and checkout counter are equipped with acrylic panels.
In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health, our customer service staff are required to wear masks, face guards and gloves.
During room cleaning, the restaurant and banquet rooms are thoroughly ventilated.

4. Social distance
Elevator, restaurant, banquet hall, large bathroom, gym, smoking room ensure social distance.
We will limit the number of people who can use the service.

5. Operating changes
Restaurants, banquets, and some of the facilities in the hotel are closed and operating hours are shortened.
Please visit our website for more detail information.


【Our Request for guests】
1. To ensure that our guests can use our facility with comfort, please wear disinfection and masks when you visit.

2. Directly touching the LCD screen of the check-in machine not use a special stylus is prohibited during the check-in process.

3. When you are waiting in front of the front desk or at the entrance of the restaurant, follow the signage and footsteps signs.

4. Customers using the restaurants and banquet halls will be asked to take a temperature.
Customers with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher will be refused entry.

5. We ask customers using the restaurants and banquet halls to wear a mask when visiting. (Customers who do not wear a mask will be refused entry.

6. If you have a fever or are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting us.

7. If you feel sick during your stay at the hotel, please notify the nearest staff of your condition.

8. Please cooperate to wear a mask in public areas.

9. We try to refrain from handling cash at checkout.
We ask for your cooperation in cashless payment.


【Our Effort for Employees】
1. Wearing a mask on the way to and from work
We distribute masks to our group employees and require them to wear them on their way to and from work.

2. Checking your condition at work
Employees are required to take their temperature and disinfect their hands at the employee’s side entrance.
Employees with a fever of 37.0 degrees or higher or who are not feeling well will be taken care of themselves at home until their condition recovers and progresses.

3. Personal hygiene management during work
Washing hands frequently, hand sanitizer and gargling are encouraged.

5. Installation of disinfection solution in the back yard
Disinfectant must be placed in the disinfecting solution to encourage hand disinfection when entering and leaving the office and after using the restroom.

6. Development of a management system for sick employees.
We have introduced standards of conduct and a system to manage the health status of our employees when they are sick.

7. Refraining from going out and attending meetings unnecessarily
Prohibit employees from traveling to other countries on non-essential business trips, prohibit international travel, and prohibit gatherings of unspecified numbers of people
They are instructed to refrain from attending events and work unit gatherings and dinners.

Basic Safety and Security Policy for New Coronavirus Infections